Exciting Brands

What is an ‘Exciting’ Brand?

“Exciting” can mean a lot of things, but to us, it means a brand or company that wants their name to be proudly recognizable by their audience. A brand that wants to impress their audience with stellar content and unique experiences on top of building and delivering amazing products.

Any company creating compelling content can benefit from our services.


Exciting Brands Who Would Benefit from Social Media Marketing Services


While some industries are better for social media marketing than others, we have helped a variety of exciting brands who have something valuable and unique to say get in front of their most likely to be engaged audiences. Examples of ideal candidates for social media services could be:


  • Social networking apps that need to engage users in fun and unique ways to drive awareness for their product. Not, a mobile app with no content strategy that has no reason to engage users.
  • A B2C meal delivery service that wants to challenge it’s audience to eating healthier.
  • A B2B IoT media company that wants to connect IoT products with IoT decision makers.
  • A SaaS company that has a solidified inbound marketing funnel looking to steal market share from their competitors
  • Any E-commerce company with a proven product and hungry audience
  • A restaurant group looking to expand deeper into the digital space
  • Larger services companies that have unique voices and clearly defined inbound marketing funnels

Are you…

an exciting brand?

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What we look for in the brands we work with

Derric and Rand Fishkin at Content Marketing World 2016


Social Media is a tool for amplification. We like to work with brands who are already producing amazing, killer content, or who are looking to build out their strategy to include thought leadership style content. We are well-versed in content marketing strategy and are masters of content promotion.

Brand Virality

Natural social media account growth is a very good indicator that we can improve success. Low or no growth just means our job will be harder, which we are fine with, but you should be aware that that means we will a little bit more to get you a little bit slower results. This just means it takes a little bit longer to get things moving.

Unique Personality

A brand that wants to stand out. Funny, sarcastic, punchy are our favorites, but any non-generic voice will do. We love brands that already have a clearly defined voice that they can easily describe and teach to others. The more recognizable and easy to adapt, the better.


A clearly defined inbound marketing funnel. How are we supposed to get you leads and sales if you don’t already know how to do it yourself?

Marketing Savvy

A brand that has an existing marketing department (of at least one person) especially a digital marketing manager or someone working on the brand of the company. Having a marketing savvy point of contact helps to make our partnership run as smoothly as possible.

Derric Shana and Marcus Sheridan The Sales Lion

Social Media: The Last Optimization

We call social media “the last optimization” you need to make to your inbound marketing strategy because it is usually more of a relationship strengthening touch-point than an immediate conversion tool.

It assists in increasing organic rankings (indirectly), increasing direct traffic, driving email signups and free leads, and engaging users on behalf of the brand, but organic social media is not meant to drive direct sales. No one woke up today, logged into Facebook, and said, “I hope someone tries to sell me something on Facebook today.”

Social media is about being sociable, friendly, memorable, and providing branded experiences.

If we do that enough, sales will come, but they may not always be tracked back to social interactions.

Social media is a mix of PR, influencer outreach, customer service, content marketing / content promotion, customer research, and customer relationship management.

Signs We Aren’t Right for Each Other

Just like with some social channels, we might not be the right solution for your business.

Not A Good Fit For a Client

Sometimes, it’s better to just put it all out there. We are not a great fit for every company looking to do social media for a number of reasons.

As a social media agency, we want you to be successful. If you are not properly set up to handle our services, we would rather wait until you are ready.

Also, there are certain types of businesses who are less likely to see the extent of our value.

Sometimes, it’s better to just put it all out there. We are not a great fit for every company looking to do social media for a number of reasons.

As a social media agency, we want you to be successful. If you are not properly set up to handle our services, we would rather wait until you are ready.

Also, there are certain types of businesses who are less likely to see the extent of our value.

For those reasons, we typically do not work with the following types of companies:


  • Generic mom-and-pop shops with little to no differentiation.
  • Small services companies like plumbers and electricians, especially if under $1mil revenue.
  • Most B2B services companies.
  • Commodities and generic brands.
  • Companies with no intention of creating a content marketing strategy.
  • Companies that are not well-versed in digital marketing.
  • Companies with very slim margin products.
  • Companies with leaky marketing funnels. Fix your funnel first, then talk to us.

While we can work with companies who are pre product-market fit, we thrive more off the backbone of great products and existing passionate fan bases. If you don’t have one person willing to raise their hand to support your brand or your vision, then it’s hard to expect us to have success.

We amplify and strengthen existing brands, we don’t help you create them from scratch (but, we do have partners for that).

Other Signs We Might Not Be The Best Fit


While we do have some smaller, entry-level service packages that help to get a client started in a specific area, like Twitter growth, or LinkedIn lead generation, our best-fit client is ready to invest at least $2,000/month in our services, with a little bit more on top for advertising.

The reason for this is simple: doing social media on a budget any smaller will not allow us to move the needle for your business. We want to drive results that you can actually feel.


If you are looking to hire a social media agency purely for lead generation or AdWords account management, we are not the right fit. We are passionate about connecting brands with their people and generating memorable brand experiences for those people. If that’s not your goal, you might be better off working with a different team.


We call social media “the last optimization” because you typically shouldn’t start investing in promoting your brand before you’ve developed a strong inbound marketing funnel and process for converting leads to sales.

We need to make sure that all of your pieces are in place before we can start working together because social media is an amplification tool. If you don’t have a way to capitalize on this amplification, or you don’t have something worth amplifying, we won’t be able to show you the success we know we are capable of.

However, if you need help getting your ish together, we can refer you to some trusted brands that we’ve partnered with for things like web development to get you on your way.


Are you a scamming, sleazy, lying, bad at customer service, just trying to make a quick buck type of business owner who doesn’t want to provide value and just wants to take advantage of people? We didn’t think so…

But, if you are, you’re in the wrong place. We are not your team.


If you are in need of someone to help you create a full inbound marketing funnel, not just a quick website fix, but the whole deal, we have fantastic partners that handle this for us. We would be happy to introduce you, and when they are done fine tuning your brand-spankin’ new funnel, we can slide in and “turn on the faucet” of social media traffic.

Chaching! That’s the sound of leads converting into sales, in case you didn’t know.


are we the right fit for each other?

Get in contact. Let’s talk it out.

Also, just because we may not be a perfect match for your company, doesn’t mean we don’t want to help you out. Give us a call or send us a message. We’re always happy to talk shop with you!