Get Website Retargeting Running Now… For Free!

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What You Get for Free:

  • On-site tracking installation
  • Ad account setup
  • Facebook Pixel setup
  • Retargeting campaign setup and launch
  • Custom reporting dashboard
  • 1st month management, reporting, and optimization
  • Guaranteed tracked increase in KPIs within 30 days

The Catch

  • Requires a 6-month contract.
  • $500/month for month 2-6 and thereafter.
  • Have to pay your own ad costs. (est. $100/month/5,000 users)
  • Could be additional setup costs based on website/tracking complications.

What You Need to Qualify

  • Over 10,000 Monthly Active Users.
  • At least $20,000 in monthly revenue.
  • Ability to fulfill more sales in a scalable way.
  • At least 1,000 customer emails (we use this securely to create custom ad audiences).
  • A business that can legally advertise on Facebook.
  • Know your LTV (lifetime value of a customer), CAC (cost of acquiring a customer), and gross margin.


Stop Leaving Money on The Table!

Recapture the attention of your strongest prospects now:

Don’t want to fill out the form, but still want to talk. Book a time with our CEO using this calendly link here.



What happens after you fill out this form:

  • We will email you to set up a phone chat. At which point we will also ask you to review our sales deck and pricing page, so that you have a strong understanding of our company and purpose.
  • We will audit your site to ensure we can perform the stated services at the stated costs. Things like custom sites, having poor tracking protocols in place, no visual content, no lead capture, etc. will be addressed in the call.
  • When we talk, we will make sure goals align with expectations and get a good feel for the health of the business. We need to make sure we are amplifying greatness, because we can’t help sucky products (or sucky people).
  • We will also let you know about additional opportunities, such as GDN, LinkedIn, or even Quora retargeting, and our other services, such as social media marketing, management, account growth, and customer service.


Not interested in website retargeting but think we might be able to help in other ways, check out our pricing page for a breakdown of services.