The Vulpine Bill of Rights

This is our Bill of Rights. Our code. That we live by and promise to keep for every client.


The following outlines the rules and procedures that Vulpine Interactive follows for every client, and that Vulpine Interactive expects every client to abide by. Our bill of rights, alongside our Client contracts, allow us to ensure proper services to our clients.

1. Privacy. We respect the privacy of our clients and will never reveal sensitive information about their business. We use additional security techniques to protect our client’s accounts and password information.

a. Lists. Email lists and client customer information is especially sensitive. We know the lists belong to our clients and will never use them for our own business or personal use. We will never add our clients or their customers to any 3rd party lists without explicit permission.
b. Public Information. We reserve the right to use information such as Facebook posts, websites, or local listings, to build supporting or educational materials, promotional materials that support our business and talent, or promotional materials for our clients and audience. We will never give away underlying strategies or sensitive information, we are only talking about the occasional use of publicly available information to showcase our work. This information will only be used to showcase our clients in a positive light.

2. Final Products. Any work we do for our clients is completely theirs to keep except for special graphics packages which come with a contract and the use of third party services that simply cannot be transferred. Ad campaigns, strategy documents, website updates, blog posts, etc. Anything we do to help our clients is theirs to have and use to further their business. Any time a client wants additional access to their accounts we will give it (but we advise against getting too heavily involved unless the client has the expertise to do so).

3. Delivery. We deliver our services in a timely fashion and complete all objectives on a monthly basis. We will prioritize tasks internally and accomplish them accordingly. At the client’s request we can keep them informed of the task breakdowns and expected monthly workload and workflow.

4. Payment. We get paid before beginning work on our client’s services. Payment is upfront because most work is done as a service and there are very few final deliverables. This means that work is immediately beneficial for the client as it is being done. It would then only make sense to have already been paid for the work that the client is receiving and benefiting from. We pay our tool providers, partners and vendors on time to ensure that our client’s services are not interrupted. Therefore we require that our clients pay us in a timely manner. Invoices will be sent electronically, and the client has a net-5 day period to respond to the payment. If payment is not received within 3 business days past the due date, we will pause all services for our client and charge a 5% late fee (directly associated with the cost of the pause and restart of services). We promise to do everything in our power to make payment easy and simple for our clients. Please pay in a timely manner.

a. Credit cards – there will be a 3.4% fee if using a credit card. We recommend paying via ACH.

5. Fair and Equal Service. We work as hard for one client as we do for any other. We do not give special treatment to big accounts/businesses, or skimp on services for small accounts/businesses. We make sure and set up each client for success on a monthly basis and use their budget to devise the best possible strategy based on that budget. We don’t increase prices for “juicy” clients, or do extra favors at the chance of big business. We simply do good work for everyone at all times.

6. Tools. We use a variety of tools to help our clients grow their business. The list of tools being used for each client can be made readily available for them upon request.

a. Tool Setup. Some tools require extensive setup. We build those setup costs directly into our setup fees and monthly services. If a client would like to just pay us for setting up tools and accounts and then would like to take over, it is best to just say so up front, as we are completely comfortable doing so.

b. Tool Costs. We will pay for all tools that we use across all of our clients, but we reserve the right to add additional billing to clients with specific tool needs, or clients that use industry specific tools. We will pay for small upgrades and widgets out of our own budget. We do not pay for web hosting, domain hosting, site transfers, expensive custom graphics or infographics, client specific CRM platforms, email hosting, and a few other tools that are specific to each client.

c. Tool Transfers. We try to use as many tools as possible that are easily transferrable to our clients. Upon request, we will do our best to transfer or give access to any tool we use for our client (although we may advise against it). The tools we setup are for our client’s benefit and if they want to use them, it is their right. Some tools will be untransferable or require additional action (credit card information, email verification, paid transfer, etc.). Sometimes this is unavoidable due to the nature of the tool, but we will do our best to have our tools easily available for transferring to our clients.

7. Communication

a. We Stay Productive. We look forward to every communication with our clients and find that the more we communicate, the more we accomplish. Staying on the same page allows us to work faster. Keeping up to date with document and information requests allows us to complete work in a timely manner. Being on time to meetings and eliminating distractions during meetings allows us to get more done with our clients. We understand and value our client’s time and our own, and wish to make the most of all of our time together.

b. We are on-call 24/7. If a client needs anything from us, or there is an emergency (marketing emergencies do happen), they can call or email their account manager and it will be taken care of as quickly as possible. While most work will be handled Mon-Fri between 10AM and 6PM PST, we will tackle any emerging issues as fast as possible to ensure our clients keep the best possible online presence. There is no off-duty for us, only AFK (away from keyboard).

8. Strategy Documentation. You don’t start building a building without the blueprints, and that is why we start all of our clients off by building detailed strategy documents that outline the systems and processes that we will use going forward, as well as the tools and projects that will get us to our end goal. We build our strategies around our client’s products, executional abilities, and budget, to ensure that they can be followed with our without our help.

9. Details. We structured our business so that we could work closely with our clients, but we don’t want to drag them down with every little detail. That is why we bundled our products and handle tasks, priorities, and execution internally on the budget set by our client. Once our goals are set, our client must trust us to bring them the best result possible within the given budget. Any aesthetic changes, minor details, sidetracks, or “scope creep” – when one task starts becoming ten tasks and then an entire project itself – will slow down progress towards these goals. We value our client’s input, and use it to guide us to completing our tasks. But we need to be in control of the product and process in order to ensure the client gets what they want, and sometimes that means not doing what the client wants, but instead doing what they actually need.

10. Education. If our clients aren’t clear on what we are doing, the technical aspects of our business, or why we would be spending their money on a certain product or service, we will make sure and explain it to them, or point them to a resource that can explain it to them. Digital marketing is complicated, and we don’t expect our clients to come in with a complete understanding of the process. That is why we are dedicated to educating our clients and anyone else that will listen.

a. Talks and Presentations. We will occasionally offer free talks and presentations to our clients in order to help their business grow and succeed. We design the talks around our client’s biggest pain points, and use our knowledge and educational systems to help everyone get better at their job.

b. Vulpine Education. We offer educational videos, a blog, and multiple documents to our clients to help them understand the entire process, all of our tools, and what we do for their business on a daily basis. If our client requests information on a topic and we do not have a good resource for them, we will create one and share it with them and the rest of the world.

c. Clients Educating Us. We welcome our clients to educate us on their field or share information and educational materials with us that can help us do a better job for their business. We may occasionally ask our clients to speak at our educational events in order to share their businesses story and journey with our audience.

11. Term of contract. We understand that most client’s want results right away, and we do provide some… But most of our value and ROI will be realized long-term. For that reason we typically require a 3 month starting commitment, that then moves to month-to-month thereafter. We also like to plan ahead with our marketing efforts. Usually a month in advance. Which is why we require a 30 day written notice of cancellation of services.


Curious what a typical contract with us would look like? Here’s an example for you to review.