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I once wrote a story about the anguish I experienced as a teenager when my parents tasked me with tearing down all of the posters I had collected and carefully hung to my bedroom walls.

I had hundreds of colorful advertisements, concert photos, printed song lyrics… even the occasional tiger beat snapshot of the stereotypical sexy male du jour, all projecting my very identity to anyone who dared enter.

It was a stimulating environment, to say the least.

Not a single space of wall was showing. I had so many layers of memory peaking through. It was like a tiny world of all things me: things I had made, collected, stolen and coveted…   

And I was proud.

Proud that I had defined myself so pertinently as a design-loving, magazine-reading, big dreaming, constantly creating young woman, just from the curated pictures that hung loudly and frenetically in organized chaos.

This room was my sanctuary, and when all the posters came down, I was left with emptiness.

I was young at the time and had no real concept of “personal growth.”

To me, this was the end of an era.

The breaking of an identity.

A cold and thoughtless act of parental dominance meant to drive me into self-doubt…

I didn’t see it then: the empty canvas.

The foundation.

The new beginning.

And now as I sit on the precipice of another new beginning, (shutting down my business and moving across the country after just becoming a first time home owner in San Diego), I see a lot of parallels between where I was then, and where I am now.

The only difference is that this time, I’m prepared for the unknown.

And that’s why I’m here, telling you all of these things about myself.

Because I’m good at telling stories, and I’m searching for new opportunities to impress, lead, and grow.

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Me In A Nutshell:

(In Case You Were Wondering…You Probably Weren’t…)

Industry Certifications Held

Brands Helped

Total Social Accounts Managed

Marketing Processes Created

  • Creative
  • Fun-Loving
  • Intuitive
  • Analytical
  • Sassy
  • Smart-Assy
  • Great Dancer

People I’ve Worked With

“I have had the pleasure of working with Shana Haynie while I worked with the American Marketing Association San Diego as a VP of Earned and Social Media. She created our go to market strategy, created tools for my event team to use to promote the event and created tracked and monitored our social media advertising. She grew our organic reach tremendously, especially on Twitter!”

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Shana at various events and conferences. I’ve seen her dedication to each event, to the people she works with, and to the overall success of the event. She is resourceful, determined, and very productive with any task she takes on.”

“Shana is a wonderfully creative and exemplary professional in her field. I worked with Shana for about a year on a blog. She guided me through the process of identifying who would be interested in my blog concept and helped me to understand the ways of content and digital marketing.”

Items I Can Help With:

Social Media Marketing Strategy

I’m no “guru,” but I do know stuff. Social media strategy is one of my favorite topics to tackle, and I especially love to work on projects where I can help direct the development of brand voice and visuals. If you are looking for social media marketing that actually matters, I’m your girl.


Here are some examples of accounts that I’ve worked on in the past:

  • 420TV (Instagram) – Dec 2017 – April 2018 –  For this account, I created the content strategy and did all of the content planning. My goal for this media company account was to create a hyper-branded feed in order to highlight their shows in a visually engaging way and set them apart from their main competitors. I personally manipulated the images and videos for this account to create 3, 6, and 9-pack displays, as well as chose the content we featured from week to week based on their schedule of show launches.
  • Sixthreezero (Instagram) – March 2017 – Sept 2017 – Here’s a link to a case study I wrote about my results with this account. Basically, we gained 11,060 targeted followers, 933,000 impressions, and increased website traffic from Instagram by over 300% in 7 months for this eCommerce company, and we shifted the follower persona to be more in line with the company’s target market.
  • ReadWrite (Twitter) – July 2016 – Feb 2017 – For this media company, we installed CoSchedule to their blog and I trained their team on how to create templates and use the platform after we increased their monthly traffic by 400%. Twitter was our most successful platform and drove a huge amount of traffic once we began activating their audience and distributing their content.
Content Marketing Strategy and Inbound Funnels

Content is my jam! I love all aspects of the content marketing and blogging process: from the keyword research, to the topic modeling, the content plan, development of distribution channels and the writing part, I have a great deal of experience in this realm. I’ve created a number of content marketing strategies for a variety of companies and am looking to explore the world of content more thoroughly in my next role.

But hold up.

My content background does not end with blogging. Not only am I able to envision the strategy for a blog, I also have experience in developing email indoctrination and nurture sequences, engaging newsletters, and gated pieces of content like white papers, templates, and case studies. I am an advanced user of Google Analytics (and several other marketing software platforms like Hubspot) and can set up event tracking to measure and report on content success.

AND, I am capable of managing a team of creators in order to drive ultimate desired results.


In terms of Strategic Planning, I can help with:

  • Creation and implementation of robust marketing strategies and funnels
  • Coordination with partners, agencies, and influencers to manage content distribution
  • Improving on-site and on-platform customer / user experience
  • Conversion rate optimization tests
  • Visual content creation and brand strategy (on-site, social media, marketing materials, presentations, videos, and more)
  • Measuring, reporting on and backlogging of key learnings from past campaigns and growth tests
Branding and Design

Everything you see on this site was imagined by me.

From the logo, to the artifacts, to the jumping fox animations on the blog… I conceptualized and built this brand from the ground up with the vision, the audience, and the value proposition in mind.

I have 10+ years experience with Adobe Creative Suite and can whip up any graphic needed for social media, branding kits, lead magnets, white papers, banner ads, print, whatever!

Having two visual arts degrees (one in Fine Art and one in Graphic Design) puts me ahead of the game in digital marketing because well-conceived design aids in conversion.

I have the content know-how, the distribution methods, and the design capabilities to bring any inbound marketing strategy to life.

Marketing Operations and Team Management

I am a huge proponent of operations and process. I love the act of creating plans, checklists, templates, and items that help to automate activities.

My favorite passion in life is to architect ideas to fruition.

Writing processes for others to follow is one of my secret strengths, so if you have a company that isn’t scaling off the backbone of process, I can take the reigns on making those workflows a reality.


In terms of team management, here’s what I can help with:

  • Defining roles and responsibilities for team members
  • Drafting and briefing them on their OKRs
  • Consistent training and education in emerging and general marketing tactics
  • Regular assessments to measure retained knowledge and continuous feedback to foster improvement
  • Creation and management of in-house marketing SOPs
  • Strong project management of marketing campaigns


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