The Story of Vulpine Interactive

How Did We Get To Here?

I know you’re busy, but please take a second to review our story and how we became a social media marketing agency.

But this is only the beginning.

Meet The Founders


Derric Haynie

Derric is passionate about helping startup founders and business owners not suck 💪 by never shutting up about growth 🚀 and marketing 🎯  He’s a speaker, a big dreamer, and one hell of a business strategist. He sees the big picture and can help you see it too. Find him on social here:

Shana Haynie

COO and Creative Director🎨

Shana considers herself a 👪 creative mompreneur and a lover of laughter, life, and libations 🍸 – She is an avid writer, a lover of dogs, a branding aficionado and a wannabe chef 🍝 She’s not great at rapping…or wrapping… but she’s pretty damn good at social media and content marketing strategy. Find her on social here:

Divide and Conquer

As a husband and wife co-founding team, we’ve learned a lot about collaboration and communication. Our company is divided into several wings and each member of the team has their own areas of responsibility.

Derric is the leader of the pack and is largely responsible for dictating overarching strategy, business consulting and maintaining the one-on-one relationships we build with our clients.

Shana is the glue that holds the entire company together. She is in charge of creating and manipulating the processes that our team uses to execute. She is also a strong copywriter, designer and content strategist, so we bring her in when a client needs help with content, messaging, or branding.

But, it’s not just the two of us anymore.

We’ve built a phenomenal team of social media marketers who work on all of our client’s accounts on a daily basis.

Meet the rest of the team here:

What We Believe In

After several years of working with our clients, we’ve realized that the best way to achieve and present results is to run weekly sprint “tests” and come together as a team to disseminate the learnings. That way, even though our team is largely remote, our entire team is able to keep tabs on our progress and keep each client’s best interest in mind.

We are proud to say that we as a company possess a “growth mindset” and are hungry to keep learning, adapting, and testing in order to drive the results our clients require.

Our Vision

Social media is now a mandatory component for every business. We imagine a world where all companies are embracing the power of social media and using it for good – customer relationship building, engagement, customer service, and education… Instead of what we typically see today – annoying sales messages, spamming people, and aggressively attempting to just drive website visitors.

Our Mantra

We only do social media that matters… Social media that makes a difference in people’s lives. It’s too easy to get caught up in your business, thinking that your marketing message needs to be seen by everyone and that your company is really important. The best way to make sure you aren’t blinded by your own company is to keep your eyes on the customer. If you do what’s right for the customer every time, you will always have a thriving business.

Our Goal

We have many goals. And yes, one of them is making money. But our main goal is to become the industry thought leader in social media marketing, with a special focus in: customer experience / customer delight, brand and viral advocacy, engagement, user/customer psychology, social media analytics, and unconscious branding.

We honestly are not the best in the world right now… But we won’t rest until we are.

Our Mission

Our job is to serve. We need to serve both our clients and their customers, as well as ensure we stay true to our own ethics and morals. In this industry, it’s easy to start lowering quality standards, and simply cater to client demands and budget constraints… But we won’t slip into the status quo. We challenge our clients to be better than that. We question mundane, boring, and poor practices. And we will always put the customer ahead of the client.

We’re in this for the long haul and are looking for long-term serious partners who are dedicated to serving and educating their customers and empowering their audience.

Certifications and Associations

Vulpine is a place where we pride ourselves on building strong partnerships and continuous learning. Every member of our team is trained on social media and other marketing skills in-house and is expected to dedicate themselves to industry education.

Hootsuite Certification