I could not believe the raw speaking talent of all of the speakers. They were captivating, funny, engaging, and they always made perfect sense. This was not some re-purposed webinar I was watching, but full-blown innovation.

7 Genius Quotes from Social Media Marketing World 2015

“Link your old content to your new content.” –Andy Crestodina (@crestodina)

Brilliant! It’s so simple, but are you doing it? So you finished writing, publishing, and setting up all your outbound links for your blog post… but your work isn’t done. Go find articles you have previously written about similar subjects that can link to this post/article. It’s so simple that when I heard it, I was like, “Duh. How am I not doing this?” Never again.

“A person’s first name is the sweetest word in their vocabulary.” –Mari Smith (@MariSmith)

It makes sense; we all recognize our name instantly when we hear someone say it. And this concept speaks volumes to the power of personalization. Getting people’s first name and using it in responses, e-mails, conversation, and all other touch points can be an extremely powerful marketing tool. It’s time we all spent a few extra minutes gathering our customer’s, or prospective customer’s, name so that we can talk to them directly. Personalization is going to play a big role in the future of marketing.

“The mobile number is the new unique identifier.” –Greg Hickman (@gjhickman)

Does this mean I can stop giving out my social security number every time I turn around? Unlikely, but I hope so. Greg is referring to the power of being able to track and market to individuals through their smart phones like never before. It’s also pretty clear, after Google’s recent announcement that being mobile-friendly will factor into their ranking algorithm, that we need to start building websites on mobile-first, instead of a desktop version that then scales down.  If you aren’t running a mobile marketing campaign, I suggest you get started right now, before the rest of the world leaves you in the dust.

“Mobile display ads are about engagement, not click-thru-rate.” –Jamie Turner (@askjamieturner)

Let that sink in for a second. If this is true, then you really have to completely rethink how you create a mobile ad. Jamie gave extremely good points on why engagement is the prevalent metric and a few pointers on how to keep user’s engaged longer. Things like, mobile ad puzzles, expand out ads, and scrolling product ads. Just take a look at this collection of amazing ads and you will see that they are all centered around engagement, not driving traffic through to the site. These ads create brand ambassadors, which in turn leads to sales, instead of the other way around.

“Pinterest is the new Google.” –Guy Kawasaki (@GuyKawasaki)

What?!? Now c’mon, we all still Google things when we get lost, don’t we? Well, it turns out many people are choosing Pinterest first for certain topics, mostly revolving around home, health, and shopping. And for good reason. Pinterest’s guided search function combined with the very nature of the site as a visual organizer allows you to find what you want, and then go directly to the page it’s on and get it.

“Native video is the untapped frontier.” –Michael Stelzner (@Mike_Stelzner)

Well, not completely untapped, but at least underutilized. According to Michael, 72% of marketers plan on increasing their use of video in 2015. With Meerkat (you’ve heard of Meerkat right?) and Periscope just popping up, and a whole suite of DIY video apps designed to boost your social reach, anyone with a smart phone is now a professional videographer, and anyone with the internet can broadcast their message to the world. By the end of 2015, video will be a staple of everyone’s social marketing strategy; it’s not just for the big brands anymore.

“Consumer ignorance is no longer a viable strategy.” –Marcus Sheridan(@TheSalesLion)

I laughed when I heard this. Because I actually have clients who are clearly afraid that the consumer will find out about the other guys. Of course they will silly, they probably already have. In order to differentiate yourself, you have to stop fearing your competition and embrace them. Marcus gave me two huge pieces of advice that changed how we will handle our clients from here on out, and I want to share them with you:

 1. Talk about your prices – Now. Today. Start talking about your prices. Do they vary (like ours)? What makes them vary? How can I better understand pricing for you and your whole industry? Talk about your prices.

2. Talk about your competitors – Link to their websites, talk about them, share something that they did really well. Talk about what they did well, and make sure you differentiate your business to do other things well. Talking about your competitors will make people trust you more, not less.

Well that wasn’t everything I learned at #SMMW15, but those were some of the best words of wisdom, that when I heard them, I was like, “I gotta write this down.” I hope you enjoyed the recap, and if there is one take away that I got from Social Media marketing World 2015, it was quite simply:

Always Post to Facebook Natively.

For higher engagement levels, don’t post from  a 3rd party app… I heard this at least 20 times.

This event gave us tons of ideas and inspiration that we plan on turning into thousands of dollars in revenue. We will definitely be back next year, maybe even as a speaker.


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