how’s that “social media” coming along?

Odds are, you don’t really know…

Sometimes it’s what you don’t know that hurts you.

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The 4 Pillars of Social Media Marketing Success - Vulpine Interactive

The 4 Pillars of Great Social Media Marketing


High-quality, unique, and compelling content that provides immense value to the audience.


Ensuring our brand voice, message and presence are heard throughout the content.


Likes, shares, virality, and conversations. Having 1-1 conversations at scale. Giving advice and getting feedback.


Being able to track successes and failures all the way through the marketing and sales funnel.

What If… Everything You Thought You Knew About Social Media

Was Wrong?

What you think doing social is:

  • Only for User Acquisition
  • Doesn’t Lead to Bottom Line
  • Worth Hiring a College Intern
  • Fluff

What doing social actually is:

  • Deepening  Relationships
  • Education and Value
  • Complex Branding Strategy
  • Drives Short and Long Term Sales

What We Actually Do:

Branding, Creative, and Customer Experience Services for Social Media.

Social Media Management

  • Regular Posting
  • Engagement
  • Customer Service
  • Responding to Social Inquiries

Social Advertising

  • Retargeting Ads
  • Hyper-Targeted Outreach
  • Video and Engagement Ads
  • Lead and Sales Campaigns

Account Growth

  • Tactics for Getting Real Followers
  • Influencer and Partner Outreach
  • Proper Audience Targeting
  • Digital PR

Content/Event Promotion

  • Blog Post Promotion
  • Real-Time Social Media
  • Speaker/Sponsor/Partner Promotion
  • Building Social Media Kits / Swipe Files

Who We Serve

Are you…

An Exciting Brand?

To us, an exciting brand means any company trying to create great content, delight their customers, and build long lasting relationships with their audience.

An Agency?

You make you clients visible online, but agencies are notorious for sucking at their own digital presence. We can help your agency on social, and do it better and cheaper than you could do yourself. Also, we have white-label and referral programs for our agency partners.

A Marketing Tech Company?

We love marketing tech. Not only do we use it, but we are great at marketing to marketers and understand the fundamentals of marketing tech companies very well. We crush social for marketing tech companies!

A Marketing Events Company?

We love marketing events. We attend dozens every year, and host our own quarterly. We are partners with Growth Marketing Conference and SDInbound. We can get you trending on Twitter (with your help), and get your attendees raving about your conference on social. Plus, we promote events and speakers and grow accounts leading into the events themselves.

Still wondering

how your “social media” is coming along?

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